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Digital Construction

Scheduling Services

CPM Scheduling Services

UM Planners is proud to employ the most experienced project controls professionals in the industry. Our extensive construction industry knowledge allows us to plan our clients’ entire project from day one through commissioning. By wisely allocating required resources and anticipating possible risks before they become reality and impact your project, we can help you achieve your project goals.


  • Earned Value Analysis

  • Updates​Monthly Schedule ​

  • Cost/ Resource Loading

  • Recovery Schedule

  • Turnaround Schedule


We Offer Customized Scheduling Training Offline and Online

 Oracle Primavera P6 Trainings & Workshops

UMP Training goes far beyond software navigation and understanding to help the students understand the application of CPM scheduling for construction projects from initial setup to project commissioning and ongoing maintenance.

Computerized scheduling has revolutionized construction projects in the past few decades since the early 60’s, making it easier to determine the overall expected project duration, quantify impacts & delays, and manage the progress of individual activities. However, in order to leverage the potential of this powerful software your team will have to master these tools and their usage.

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